A short film for the Big Blake Project - by Philip Davidson
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A short film for the Big Blake Project - by Philip Davidson

A short film for the Big Blake Project - by Philip Davidson

A short film by Philip Davidson about William Blake and his cottage. read more »

The Wine Presses of Love

A conversation between Michael Phillips and Tim Heath (8pm Tuesday 16 September ... glass of wine ... etc) William Blake was married for 45 years to Catherine, yet there was a relationship in his life that was arguably more important, one that pre-dated his wedding, accompanied him to his death, and gave quotidian expression to his genius – a Printing Press. The conversation will explore how Blake’s skill as a printer informed his life and gave direction... read more »

Beryl Kingston

Beryl Kingston, lifelong fan of Blake, will be performing at the Festival. Beryl has written about Blake's time in Felpham and his trial in Gates of Paradise. She was the main judge for our William Blake Poetry Prize last year. read more »

K M Lockwood

We are delighted that children's writer K M Lockwood will be running a word-art workshop. She was born in Yorkshire but now lives by the coast in Sussex. Her writing shows her deep fascination with British folklore and the sea. The workshop is called Productions in Time. ‘Eternity is in love with the Productions of Time’ William Blake. 4 Writers, 4 Artists, 4 Both A place for you to come a take a word,... read more »

Dr Simon Mouatt

Simon's research interests lie in the areas of international financial markets, monetary theory, global political economy and Marxian economics. He will be giving short talk at the Blake Festival. Simon's recent publications: Can Sequential and Non-Dualistic Interpretation of Marx’s Monetary Thought be Synthesised with the Endogenous Money Paradigm? (2011), critique: International Journal of Socialist Economics. Corporate and Social Transformation of Money and Banking: Breaking the Serfdom (2010) , Chippenham, Palgrave Macmillan. read more »

Abbie Palache

Abbie Palache will be running workshops and performing at our William Blake Festival. “A storyteller with edge - who can take you into the darkness and back again with a sure-footedness that is the mark of someone who really knows her craft.” Ashley Ramsden, Founder of the International School of Storytelling. "What is now proved was once only imagined." Unlocking the creative imagination through oral storytelling. read more »

Attila the Stockbroker

Attila the Stockbroker is a punk poet and a folk punk musician and songwriter. He performs solo and as the leader of the band Barnstormer. He describes himself as a "sharp tongued, high energy social surrealist poet and songwriter." He has performed over 3,000 concerts, published seven books of poems, and released 30+ recordings (CDs, LPs and singles). read more »

Jo Johnson

Jo Johnson will be interviewed at the festival and available to answer questions. Jo is a consultant neuropsychologist. She worked in the NHS for 20 years but is now a consultant for several national charities. Her special interests include brain injury and multiple sclerosis. She lives in West Sussex with her husband and four children. She won a plain English award in 2010 for her dynamic new approach workbook for people with MS,... read more »