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The Vibrators are back! Posted on 3 Oct 2019

The Vibrators are back!

TICKETS The Vibrators are punk rockers with history and attitude. “They performed the set tight, sharp, fast, loud and...

We'll Do It Posted on 13 Oct 2017

We'll Do It

We'll Do It We’ll do it on the beaches with our arms about our chums We’ll do it with the triangle...

The Secret Posted on 11 Oct 2017

The Secret

The Secret Where rainstorms spark to rainbows where conkers’ spikes burst to shine where trodden-on blackberries bleed underfoot, is where the secret hides. Around...

Curating a Cottage: Dr Naomi Billingsley Posted on 28 Sep 2017

Curating a Cottage: Dr Naomi Billingsley

The BlakeFest weekend may be over for this year, but the exhibition at Bognor Library continues until 7 October...

Responses to BlakeFest Posted on 24 Sep 2017

Responses to BlakeFest

BlakeFest 2017 Dandelion Visions Responses September 16 Day 1 1. Anon contemplates, “The beauty of the dandelion”, would like to...

At Blake's, Sept 16 2017 Posted on 22 Sep 2017

At Blake's, Sept 16 2017

What a perfectly wonderful weekend of art, poetry and song, the BlakeFest weekend proved to be. As BlakeFest’s Poet...