Building Peace with William Blake

Join us at BlakeFest for an inspiring event focused on building peace in our communities.

Our friend Chris Bemrose has organised an in-person gathering will be held at the *Felpham Village Hall*, a stone's throw from where William Blake's cottage. This interactive study day will introduce you to Blake's Global Vision (where aesthetics are the ground of economics, not vice versa); to Blakes eco-theology; and to four facets of Blake's vision of peace: Empathy, Inclusivity, Ferocious Forgiveness and Fair Trade.

During the event, there will be engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking presentations from *Susanne Sklar*, a theologian, lecturer, writer, peace activist and Blake scholar. This is an opportunity to learn about strategies to promote peace, resolve conflicts, and create a more harmonious world.

Whether you're an advocate for peace or simply curious about how to make a positive impact, you are welcome to attend. Join this BlakeFest event at Felpham Village Hall and be part of the movement to build peace in our communities and beyond.


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Please, if you can, consider making a small donation to BlakeFest, which helps to keep events free and open to all.

The Day

You'll be invited to read some of Blake's words aloud, to question them, and to apply his vision to current challenges. Blake's works have many layers, inviting many interpretations. Your insights enhance his vision, and his wisdom. A theology of peace could become more contagious than Covid. “ Suzanne Sklar

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