Bognor Regeneration

Bognor Regeneration

The idea of a flagship cultural centre to spearhead regeneration is an established strategy, prevalent in many UK and European urban areas. The day trip tourist from London has many options on the South Coast, but a centre in Bognor Regis, focussed on a huge figure to English culture and identity could bring a new uniqueness to Bognor Regis and the area, as well as an inspiration to the local residents and businesses to have a new and rich association to their town.

The surrounding Regis Centre site could build upon the existing proposals, and with the new Blake ‘Centre for the Imagination’ combine with the esplanade and surrounding town developments to once again make Bognor Regis a wonderful place to live, visit and stay.

Who is this for?

The Local Community; individuals; schools; further education; local businesses; external businesses for conferencing.

The tourists; locals visiting for an afternoon, sojourn from shopping; the day tripper from London; the people on holiday either in Bognor or surrounding holiday facilities.

This centre could be a draw to re-imagine Bognor Regis seafront, not limited to the tourist, but the local community also. The outlined brief attempts to cater for all peoples and not just narrowly focus on one particular group.


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