The world is changing fast, Attila the Stockbroker is writing about it - and he is more fired up than he has ever been in 36 years as a performance poet.

A lunatic misogynist billionaire with a nuclear hairdo has a date with a nuclear button in the White House, having received about three million votes fewer than his opponent. The UK hurtles towards Brexit after the most virulently xenophobic right wing press campaign in British history and a vote based on a bunch of ‘promises’ which were repudiated the day after the result. (Attila’s no Remain fanatic either - the EU stitched up Greece and acts as a conduit for bosses’ profits and cheap labour, it’s hardly paradise.)

And on a far more positive note Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour wins its biggest share of the General Election vote for 20 years with an unashamedly socialist manifesto!

He thinks he understands why all this is happening. At his gigs all over Europe you’ll hear his humorous and hard-hitting take on the momentous events of the last few months - and a whole lot more besides, for Attila has developed a deeply personal side to his work alongside the political satire for which he is best known, writing movingly about his family and his recent cancer diagnosis.

He’ll be performing poems from his new collection ’Undaunted’– the title says it all – as well as extracts from his recent autobiography ‘Arguments Yard’ (Cherry Red Books). And there will be a few of his songs as well, accompanied by his trusty mandola, Nelson. Laugh, cry and get very very angry.

Launched into public consciousness by legendary Radio One DJ John Peel in 1982/83, Attila the Stockbroker has toured the world performing his sharp-tongued, radical social surrealist poetry and songs for 36 years, doing over 3400 gigs in 24 countries and releasing over 40 CDs/LPs/singles, eight books of poetry and, just over a year ago, his autobiography ‘Arguments Yard’.