Unpacking Blake Programme

Unpacking Blake Programme

Sunday 22nd September – 1.00–4.00pm - Free Entry

Felpham Memorial Village Hall, Vicarage Lane, Bognor Regis PO22 7DZ

An afternoon understanding Felpham’s most famous resident

William Blake was placed 38 in the BBC's poll of the 100 Greatest Britons.

Considered mad by some contemporaries for his idiosyncratic views, he is now held in high regard for his expressiveness and creativity, and for the philosophical and mystical undercurrents within his work.

He lived in London his entire life, except in 1800 he moved to ‘Rose Cottage’ Felpham for three years to take up a job illustrating the works of William Hayley. Whilst in the Cottage Blake began Milton which includes a poem beginning "And did those feet in ancient time". Over time, Blake began to resent his patron, believing that Hayley was uninterested in true artistry.

Today Blake is still very much part of Felpham. Some 200 years since he walked our lanes, admired our fields and painted from our beach he is enshrined in the history of our ‘sweet Felpham’. So, it is fitting that finally the Conservation Society is putting on an afternoon devoted to William Blake and offering local people a chance to come and understand a little of the man, his art and his visions.

‘Unpacking Blake’ will consist of a small exhibition including prints of his work and focused on various aspects researched and presented in a discussion panel by Blake experts. The afternoon will start with an introduction and a background to Blake in Felpham by local compere Sedge Seymour. Then to get us all in the mood we will have music from ‘Across the Sea’. Built around the hauntingly powerful voice of Hannah Katy Lewis and the unorthodox, adventurous guitar approach of Pete Ferguson, their unique genre-defying sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive and singularly distinctive.

The musical interlude will be followed by a presentation on each of their research by four Blake experts with an introduction to the panel again by Sedge Seymour.

Dr Luke Walker - Introduction to Blake’s Felpham Art. Luke will give an introduction to Blake’s work and his seminal influence on Artists from the ‘60s to modern day.

Dr Simon Mouatt - Blake and the Brain. Simon will reflect on the ‘making of the Western world’; the age of reason contrasting with Blake’s perspective. Simon outlines Blake insights to the modern world and developments in neuroscience.

Dr Mikey Georgeson - Blake as an Artist’s Artist. Mikey will give a critique of modern thinking and present Blake as a non-bifurcated aesthetic artist. He will look at creating a mythology as an artist and talk about his own Blake and Whitehead inspired aesthetic art presented as interactive culture.

John Higgs - William Blake Now; Brighton author and journalist will discuss why Blake matters now more than ever. How he is a constant presence throughout contemporary culture – from videogames to novels, from sporting events to political rallies and from horror films to designer fashion.

Entry is Free. Afternoon tea and cake will be served for a small charge and donations are welcome. Do come along and hear a little about William Blake and his time living and working in our lovely village.

Unpacking Blake is supported by local enthusiasts Big Blake and starts BlakeFest 2019.

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