2019 Julie Goldsmith

Exhibited at our 2019 BlakeFest main event:

Julie works in ceramic, bronze and found objects. Taking the forms of animals or mythic creatures, influences are from literature, music and the Gothic. “I like to tell stories. For this show I have made works that are inspired by Blake’s belief in the imagination, and his visions of fairies in his garden.”
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Julie's work explores the hidden recesses of the subconscious holding both a dreamlike quality and emotional intensity. Based in London she has exhibited her widely. Last month her work was on the front cover of the International Times. 

"I love the cottage in Felpham village where William Blake lived and worked for three years with his wife Catherine. I imagine the local children today, who will learn about this partly because of BlakeFest, to be peering over the garden wall of the cottage, hoping to see the fairies that William Blake saw there.
The walk from Bognor Regis to Felpham along the sea-front is enchanting, and the literary tours and lectures that are part of the festival are fascinating. William Blake can be loved and understood at a simple level but there is always more to appreciate. I feel excited and honoured to have been invited for the last two years to exhibit my painting and sculpture at both Bognor Library and the Regis Centre.
Long may BlakeFest thrive!"
Julie Goldsmith 2019