William Blake: Man Without a Mask

William Blake: Man Without a Mask

William Blake: Man Without a Mask

Ruth Rosen, Inspired Theatrical Performance,

Sat 25 July, 3pm (50 min show). Tickets £5, (£3 students) booking essential, please follow this link to buy tickets.

St. Mary’s Church
Felpham PO22 7PA

“One of England’s leading poetry and prose performers”, Ruth Rosen, reads extracts from every one of Blake’s works. Take an incredible journey
through the mind of this visionary genius, from his poetry to his prose and his letters.

Since leaving the Royal Shakespeare Company, Ruth Rosen has established an international reputation for her highly individualised literary portraits. Rosen’s Man Without a Mask incorporates William Blake’s poems, letters and prose writings providing a sensitive and dynamic portrait of the man as artist, poet, and visionary.

“She has cornered the market in poetry reading”. The Sunday Times

“Oxford audiences responded to this event in such large numbers that as many as were admitted had to be turned away for lack of space. For us lucky ones this was a true celebration of a great artist.” Oxford Times

“This dedicated actress held the entire house enthralled. It was unforgettable.” Birmingham Post

“The audience was spellbound.” The Poetry Society

“Ruth Rosen’s performance brought shimmering critical notices.” Sunday Telegraph

Man Without A Mask, “An inspired theatrical performance of great power and beauty.” Time Out London

“The compelling nature of the material made for a surprisingly enthralling hour in the theatre.” Times Literary Supplement

“Poetry has always been at the very centre of Ruth Rosen’s life and she is a first rate speaker of it.” Harold Pinter

“A splendid evening, a fascinating programme… she held the audience enthralled.” Evening Standard